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Digital Elliptical Machine

Elliptical printing machine is suitable for all kinds of printing materials, cementations, water slurry, printing ink, etc. Compared with hand printing, elliptical digital printing machine saves labor, and has more stable printing quality; it can realize one-time completion of multicolor, and do not affect output. Compared with circular rotary machine, elliptical printing machine is widely applicable, and more flexible to operate. It has less topping and can be divided into two lines for production, to increase output. Elliptical digital printing machine can provide you with more efficient and more quality services to meet your high-end customers, and improve your competitiveness. Its price is favorable, less than half compared with the imported equipment, and the maintenance cost is low. The warranty period is one year.


Ricoh Gen5 print head, grayscale printing technology application Printing speed up to 450 pcs/hr in 2 Pass Resolution up to 605x1200dpi Build in print head capping system and automatic cleaning system Liner motor and metal scale,high speed,high quality,high stability Stable ink supply line with degasing system and automatic negative pressure adjustment system

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