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  • Ricoh Gen5 print head, grayscale printing technology application
  • Printing speed up to 400 sheet/hr @ 2 Pass
  • Resolution up to 605x1200dpi
  • Build in print head capping system and automatic clean system

1.Servo motor control X&Y movement, plus twin guide rails taking high moving accuracy of printer.

2.Mechanics of body and connect parts using high duty steel to ensure high accuracy.
3.Easy operating print head alignment system.

4.Print head capping & automatic clean system to ensure production continuously and maintenance easily.

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Ricoh Gen5/7pl, 4 level grayscale; 8 Color; Print width 1.8m; Speed up to 200 sqm/hr @1 pass; Resolution up to 605x1200dpi


Kyocera Head, Grayscale Mode; 4/8 Color; Print width 1.8m; 200 sqm/hr @1 pass; Resolution of up to 605 x1200dpi;


Material size: 60x90cm

Print Width: A4

Print Resolution: up to 726dpi

Color: Standard 4 color, grayscale print heads

Speed: 400pcs/hr at 2 pass


Detailed product specifications can be downloaded in PDF format



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