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  • SG1024(10PL) Print head, Variable drop size from 10pl to 30pl
  • Standard 4 color, up to 4 print heads
  • Draft quality up to 251 sqm/hr
  • Printing width up to 3.20m
  • Resolution up to 600 x 1200dpi

1.Standard 4 color, 4 Level of Grayscale
Printer equipped with 2/4 SG1024 print heads, variable size from10pl to 30pl for high performance printing.
Easy alignment, easy maintenance, much better quality.

2.Industry Feeding and Take Up with Tension System
Easy handling with 100kg media, support a stable media feeding without wrinkle.

3.Automatic Negative Pressure Adjustment System
Automatic negative pressure adjustment system with night mode provide guarantee for stable pressure, less maintenance, less waste ink and solution cost.

4.Platform Suction Adjustable System
Manually platform suction adjustable, help the media to be flated in the printing area. Give a high accuracy of dots dropping.

5.Indepent ink Purging System
New design priming system will make you enjoy much more easier operation.

6.Multi-heating & Drying System
Traditional multi-section heating with extension cooling system, fit with the high speed printing. Extra heating system is availiable.

7.High strength Steel Body Frame and High-precision linear Rail
Integrated heavy duty structure, multi-support points and hard chromium plating linear rail with less nosize, high crocking resistance. Make sure a reliable output quality with continual using.

8.Embedded man-printer Interaction System
Embedded man-printer interaction system will save much room, and easy to operate.

9.Electronic Print Heads Flash Control
Any time when the printer standby, the mirco jetting will enable to keep Print Heads open. Jetting frequency adjustable by software.

10.Smart Print Head with internal heater and Print Head plate removable
The construction of this head is robust and repairable, the Print Head plate is removable for cleaning or replacement.Using RediJet technology, the head continuously recirculates inks through the print head at the Print Head and refill chamber to increase open time, reduce downtime and improve startup. Heating configuration includes an internal heater for precise control of ink viscosity at temperatures up to 55°C

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SG1024, 10PL/25PL; Standard 4 color; Max. Print width 3.2m; Speed up to 251sqm/hr; Resolution up to 720x800dpi(25pl)/600 x 800dpi(10pl);


KM512I/30pl; Standard 4 color; Max. Print width 3.2m; Speed up to 243sqm/hr; Resolution up to 720x720dpi


Material: Media width up to 330cm, diameter 30cm, weight 100kgs

Print Width: 3.2m

Print Resolution: up to 600x1200dpi

Color: Standard 4 color

Speed: 251sqm/hr


Detailed product specifications can be downloaded in PDF format



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